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Your small cruise destination for information, tips, advice and trip ideas on the world’s waterways.

Whether it’s a River Cruise, Yacht Cruise, Sailing Cruise, Expedition Cruise or Barge Cruise, there’s a cruise for everyone. Our hope is that Sometimes Sailing helps to continue to build your enthusiasm for cruises – whether you’ve been on none, one or twenty – and helps make you a more knowledgeable and curious traveler and cruiser.

About Sometimes Sailing

We exist to help you learn about small format cruises and all things cruise related, including information about great nautical-themed gifts, to sustainable fishing and seafood.

Our passion for cruises of less than 1,000 people (be it a River Cruise, Expedition Cruise, Yacht Cruise, Barge Cruise, Sailing Cruise or small Ocean Cruise) emboldened us to create Sometimes Sailing after years of sharing travel advice and experiences on Sometimes Home, our sister site.

This site focuses on things about and related to cruises – from river to ocean cruise reviews, news and advice, to ports and technology, to itineraries and boating adventures.

We’re glad you’re here!

– Dan + Mikkel Woodruff

The Couple Behind the Site

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