Dan and Mikkel are a husband and wife team with a deep love for our planet, the environment and the waterways on Earth.

We started this site when we realized our love of small format cruising would be best showcased on its own site. We still post about cruises on Sometimes Home, the travel site that started it all, but we're proud to bring you even more cruise-focused content on Sometimes Sailing.

About 60% of our focus is on small cruises – from river cruises, to expedition cruises, barge cruises and sailing cruises. The remaining 30% is focused on:

  • Sustainability, from “marine cuisine” to the cruise industry improving technology to be mindful of the earth.
  • Larger cruise ships and cruise adventures.
  • Ports and port excursions.
  • Fun gifts and gear ideas, from how to surprise someone with a cruise to the best camera gear for your trip.