Honest OMEGA Sailing Bracelet Review: Premium Accessory for Everyday Wear

The OMEGA Sailing Bracelet is a dream come true. I was searching for a bracelet that reminded me of the ocean and being on the sea, practical for everyday wear. OMEGA's accessory came across my radar during my and Dan's quest to find high-quality nautical-inspired bracelets.

It's a brand we know, love, and trust, and I jumped at the chance to sport this stylish creation. We've had a bracelet from OMEGA for years now, and the condition remains like new despite countless days of wear.

We'll give you a thorough review, including how it's supposed to fit and how to clean it. Additionally, if you decide you don't want an OMEGA Sailing Bracelet but like the thought of a nautical bracelet, we'll suggest some alternative options.

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OMEGA is a Timeless Brand, Synonymous with Quality

OMEGA came into our lives because of their watches. Though I had known about the brand for years, it wasn't until my and Dan's lives collided that I started to go into the OMEGA boutiques with Dan to browse. (He is passionate about timepieces and is a proud owner of his own OMEGA watch – and I am not too, thanks to a 40th birthday present from him!)

They make beautiful watches and accessories, including rings, bracelets, charms, pendants, and necklaces. Their watches are especially legendary.

In 2019, OMEGA recalled the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's expedition to the moon with its OMEGA Speedmaster. We made sure we stopped by a few OMEGA stores to admire any limited edition watches the boutiques had in stock for the event. We also loved browsing social media to see all the OMEGA eye candy people were posting, particularly on Instagram. And we love browsing the hashtag #OMEGAmychoice now.

OMEGA Swiss-made pieces withstand the test of time in quality and design. Their pieces are solid travel watches in addition to a few other timepieces in our travel rotation.

Sailing Bracelet Options

As avid fans of the ocean and all things sailing โ€” from cruising the Danube during the holidays on a river cruise to feeling the salty air hit the decks on Disney cruises without kids in tow โ€” we're always on the lookout for high-end products that remind us of being on the water, even when we're on land.

It's surprisingly difficult to find luxury sailing bracelets. There are some options for sailing bracelets that have varying levels of quality and prices on Etsy. But nothing like Omega status.

We were thrilled to discover the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet, which Mikkel wears daily on cruises, whether river cruise or ocean cruise, or on an adventure such as our Maine Windjammer Cruise.

About the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet

The OMEGA Sailing Bracelet is casual yet can be dressed up or down. It has truly become a staple when traveling because of this along with the fact that it's incredibly durable. The hardware is beautiful, with a spring-lobster claw closure that attaches to an Omega-Greek-letter-shaped eye on the other side. We even love the little hexagon screw on the side of the eye.

You can get one to match your favorite color or wardrobe, whether you love navy, black, yellow, purple, blue, or grey.

Fit of the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet

Dan and I were excited to receive the bracelet in the mail. I opened the beautiful packaging and red OMEGA ribbon with silver lettering, proud to soon be sporting an OMEGA product. The bracelet was in a black dustcover bag in the box. I took it out to see the bright blue bracelet clasped in a teardrop shape.

It was a little tighter than I expected when I put it on. But after calling an OMEGA boutique and speaking with a specialist (who was incredibly helpful), we learned it fit perfectly.

The fit was confirmed to be perfect after going to the store in person and talking to someone about it. (Because why not go into a boutique to shop for more OMEGA watches and accessories, especially after their release of the Seamaster 300?!)

Woman wearing an OMEGA sailing bracelet with a beach dune and grasses, and blue sky behind her.

When I received it, I was concerned it was too tight because I couldn't comfortably twist the bracelet so the clasp was centered on top of my wrist. But if I twisted it so the clasp was on the side, it was comfortable. After speaking with an OMEGA boutique employee, I learned that the best way to wear it is on the side.

OMEGA's website shows some on-model images with the clasp centered. But you may need to get a size up to lay the bracelet this way. The braided nylon bracelet may lay differently than the rubber one; we're unsure. In my experience, the rubber bracelet should fit snugly with the clasp on the side.

Stretch and Softness of The OMEGA Sailing Bracelet

The bracelet will not stretch because of the way it is constructed. It may soften over time, but it won't stretch, meaning it won't get longer over time.

The team member at the OMEGA boutique informed us that this is because of a piece of metal inside the rubber that goes from one side of the bracelet to the other, held in place by the stainless steel clasp on either end. This is great news because your bracelet will be like new, even years from now.

Specs and Materials

Most of the bracelet designs are made of molded rubber and braided nylon. (There are limited outliers, like their natural cork bracelet.) The rubber is likened to what they use to create their watch straps of the same material. And the braided nylon is likened to what's used for their NATO watch straps.

The OMEGA Sailing Bracelet I have is rubber, so we're referring to that model. However, we also want to bring the other options to your attention.

To be more specific, the sailing bracelet I have is made of stainless steel and blue rubber. (We would describe it as cobalt blue โ€” or, dare we say, close to an Yves Klein blue, if you are familiar with the artist! It is a personal favorite of mine.)

It is brilliant and eye-catching and matches almost anything. Blue isn't “neutral” in the sense of colors like brown, black, or grey, but it is in the sense that it looks fabulous with most outfits. (It's kind of like how denim jeans match anything.)

The stainless steel matches my platinum engagement ring and wedding band, which sits next to it. It's a nice perk when I don't want to mix metal colors.

OMEGA sailing bracelet in blue rubber and stainless steel on a woman's wrist.

OMEGA Sailing Bracelet Options

There are currently 41 different variations of the bracelet. The combinations vary, including the material of the bracelet (whether rubber or braided nylon) and the material of the clasp (whether stainless steel in silver, DLC finish, or brushed titanium). There's also an option for one in black rubber with an 18K red gold clasp with a DLC finish.

Some of our favorite colors, besides the blue that I have, are the grey and greige rubber (which is an off-white), the khaki braided nylon, and the aqua nylon. (Images below are courtesy of OMEGA.)

It's a very durable bracelet. I easily wear it no matter the activity or outing. Another thing I love about it is that I can type on my laptop without it causing friction with my computer keyboard. What do I mean by this? Over time, I noticed dents in the front of my first MacBook laptop. I realized they were caused by metal bracelets and my watchband hitting it while I typed.

Because of that, I'm careful to remove most jewelry when I work on my computer. But I don't have to do that with my rubber sailing bracelet. The rubber doesn't affect the metal on my computer. (It's the little things, right?)

Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC)

There's a black nylon bracelet with a gunmetal-like finish. The benefit of a finish like this is the hardness of the coating, which can help resist scratching over time. However, it may also react differently to saltwater over time from how a stainless steel finish reacts.

You can't go wrong with either clasp and metal hardware option, though, and Dan and I quite liked the black rubber and DLC finish bracelet when we saw it in the store. (The coating costs a little more money. It's $390, compared to $300 for the rubber, nylon, and stainless steel sailing bracelet.)

Your Unique Bracelet

Every bracelet has its unique serial number and the size letter on the clasp. Mine is small, so there's an “S” on the clasp. Your bracelet information is on the Certificate of Authenticity you receive with your bracelet purchase.

Available Sizes

The size options are S, M, L, or XL, which correspond to lengths 170 mm, 190 mm, 210 mm, and 230 mm, respectively. My wrist measures 152mm (or 6 inches), so I ordered a small.

Jewelry Care on the Go

Don't forget to get all your jewelry care essentials for when you travel and you're on the go. Especially jewelry cleaner for your sparkly items! Our new favorite jewelry cleaning stick is the Mine jewelry stick cleaner, which is a travel size and easily fits in a backpack or purse.

Travel Options

Love Omega Watches? Check discounted watch prices on Jomashop

Little side note here: If you love Omega products โ€” including watches โ€” and you're in the market to buy one (or perhaps just look) we can't recommend Jomashop enough.

We have purchased two authentic watches on Jomashop (one was an Omega) for hundreds of dollars less than what we would have paid on cruises and land. Sometimes, they run sales with offers equating to over $1,000 off a watch or more.)

They're 100% authentic and returnable within 30 days, unworn. And Jomashop has an extended warranty as well. Check it out.

If you're skeptical, call their customer service line to express your concerns. I did this before I bought Dan a 40th birthday Hamilton years ago and they squashed any skepticism I had, making me uber-confident buying from Jomashop.

Sailing Bracelet Care

This bracelet is truly one for everyday wear. Its quality and materials make it incredibly easy to keep on your wrist in the shower or if you're swimming in saltwater, which is great! You should be able to wear a sailing bracelet into seawater, on a cruise ship, or on the beach.

It was especially great to wear it on our Star Clippers cruise. Knowing I didn't have to take it off to shower or go in the water in Costa Rica was great. (A bonus, because I didn't want to forget it on the ship or the shore if I took it off for either.)

You don't have to do much to maintain its shine and color. The OMEGA Sailing Bracelet care is pretty simple. The only thing you need to make sure you do is to rinse it off with tap water after you get out of the ocean. To clean it further, simply wash it with warm water and soap. The same cleaning method applies to the braided nylon strap OMEGA Sailing Bracelets.

If your OMEGA Sailing Bracelet Needs a Repair

If you ever have a problem with your bracelet, all you have to do is contact OMEGA. Have your authenticity card that it comes with handy for service. You can mail your bracelet in for service or visit an OMEGA boutique in person.

(If you've ever purchased a luxury product, whether a watch or purse, you know a Certificate of Authenticity of some kind is included to prove it's authentic and genuine. It doesn't hurt to keep the card and your purchase receipt together. Keep the card in a safe place where you won't forget it, for as long as you own the product.)

Update After Years after Ownership

The bracelet is nearly in brand-new condition after many years of owning it and taking it on trips. It's one of my favorite bracelets to pack because it will inevitably match something I wear during any vacation and its durability can't be beat.

While I don't wear it daily, it's truly in like-new condition.

The only place it has shown signs of wear is in spots I've accidentally hit the metal against something because I'm clumsy, like a lounge chair or a doorknob. Normal wear and tear is to be expected. Even then, though, the little scratches are something that only I see when I look at the bracelet up close. It's not something anyone else would notice.

Blue Omega sailing bracelet on a wrist with a colorful background. Wrist has an "explore" tattoo on it.
Photo of the bracelet after 1.5 years of use/wear

Pairing the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet

You can pair your OMEGA bracelet in several ways, such as a “his and hers,” complementary colors, or matching the same bracelet with your partner (whether you're both male or both female as is the case with some couples).

Dan and I don't love to match, but it'd be cute to complement one another. If he got one, he'd surely go for the black rubber with either DLC coating to keep it all black or the stainless steel finish to compliment his OMEGA Speedmaster.

Another idea is to pair it with your OMEGA watch. If you have a watch with silver metal, then get the stainless steel finish. Or if you have a dark grey ceramic OMEGA watch, consider the titanium sailing bracelet.

It's not an accident that you can get a braided nylon bracelet, which would pair perfectly with a watch on a NATO strap. Or match the rubber with a watch's rubber strap.

Don't be afraid to pair the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet with itself, too! If you like one, get two or three that match well and stack them on your arm. You'll want to be mindful of the fit and how they stack like puzzle pieces, especially if you wear the clasp on the side of your wrist.

We recommend getting one and seeing how you feel and adding to it in the future.

OMEGA Sailing Bracelet Alternatives

If an OMEGA Sailing Bracelet isn't for you, or the price is not what you want to spend, there are great nautical bracelets out there.

We haven't found anything quite like the OMEGA Sailing Bracelet in design and quality. However, we like the nautical spin Etsy artists have created with their jewelry designs.

Allison Cole Jewelry bracelets are a favorite feminine style, but there are dozens more designs and options to fit any style.

Paracord Bracelet Alternative to OMEGA Sailing Bracelet

A favorite OMEGA Sailing Bracelet alternative that Dan has taken quite a liking to is a nautical-looking bracelet from Etsy seller KnotFinds. It's made from paracord and is very comfortable on the wrist.

We love the multitude of color options and combinations this Etsy artisan offers, who handmakes each bracelet. They're so incredibly well-made you would think a machine crafted it! Message him for custom colors if you are looking for something not already in his shop.

What's more is when you support Alen, the owner of KnotFinds, who creates these awesome bracelets as a hobby, you're supporting a Ukrainian refugee currently living with his family in Slovakia.

The carabiner clasp is a nice finishing touch to the bracelet. It maneuvers easily, even though removing the bracelet with someone's assistance is easiest. It's easy to layer with additional bracelets, as seen in the picture of Dan's wrist below. The bracelet dries quickly (within minutes), so you can shower and swim with it on.

The parachute cord bracelets are all under $25 each, making them an affordable Omega Sailing Bracelet alternative you don't have to think twice about buying.

To find your bracelet size, you measure your wrist in centimeters or the wrist of the person receiving the bracelet. Then find the corresponding size in the drop-down menu when you go to order the bracelet on Etsy.

Paracord bracelet in black and grey, a nautical inspired bracelet from Etsy.

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    1. And thank YOU for the comment, Rachel! We love the bracelet – glad this post brought it to your attention. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Thanks for your thorough review. May I ask how is your Omega sailing bracelet now after a year of wear? Does it resist dirt? Did it ever break?

    1. You’re welcome! The bracelet is great – I don’t wear it every day (I admit I have a lot of bracelets I like to rotate). But it’s in a like-brand-new condition. It barely shows any wear except for where I’ve accidentally banged it against something and the metal got a tiny bit scratched (which I consider normal wear and tear). It absolutely resists dirt (the fabric ones may not resist dirt as much – not sure – but mine is very resistant) and it definitely has not broken in any way. The nice thing about this one, actually, is if I wear it and I’m typing on my laptop (as I am right now) it isn’t metal like a watch is so the friction between the bracelet and the computer doesn’t wear on my laptop. I had a watch that, over time, dented the laptop because I always wore it when I was working.

      Hope that helps, Cheryl!

  2. Hello , i have my ocean omega bracelet for 3 years and it still looking good . I would like to know, because it is my everyday bracelet , it start to detached in one side . I do not want to loose the bracelet so how i can do to fix it please .

    1. Hi Willy – that’s great to hear you have worn it every day for three years and it’s still looking good! We totally understand how it could use some servicing to fix the issue. We’re not OMEGA (we reviewed the bracelet) but we’re happy to help.

      You can get the bracelet serviced – either in person at an OMEGA boutieuq or by mailing it to OMEGA. You’ll need to have your authenticity card that it comes with handy for service. (You might need your receipt as well – not 100% sure!)

  3. Hi there, Iโ€™ve very recently purchased this exact bracelet from omega in the same colour. How does it handle black dirt marks? I know on the brighter colours like the orange and yellow you can see then quite clearly. How is it on this colour after a year of use?

    1. Hi Faraaz – I’ve had mine for a few years and I never see dirt marks on mine. How dirty it gets depends on how often you wear it and what you’re doing while you wear it. I don’t do anything in the dust or dirt like ATV riding or horseback riding, for instance. My cobalt blue OMEGA bracelet truly looks as new as the day I got it. If it ever gets dirty, simply wash it with soap and water. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hello, I am wanting to buy one of these and slide on a St Christopher charm which was a gift from my kids.
    Are you able to do me a huge favour and tell me what the minimum diameter of the lobster clasp is to enable it to slide on?

    1. Hi Gareth! Happy to help – the diameter of the actual metal part of the claw/clasp is probably 2 or 3mm x 4mm. Just know there is nothing that will stop it from sliding off when you open the clasp so be careful when you open it!

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