Disney Wish Design Details Guests Will Gush Over on DCL

Disney Cruise Line’s level of design detail is superb. When they created the fifth ship in their fleet, there was no detail overlooked. That said, Disney Wish design details were subtle until we learned more about the ship from the cast members and crew.

We’ll walk you through the ship through our photos and descriptions, sharing those details with you. Because we realize knowing about them will help you appreciate the ship more, just like it did for us.

Come along as we take you through the Cinderella-inspired Grand Hall, show you how the design choices will help you navigate the ship, share information about the onboard pools (including AquaMouse and the Splash Zone), about the Disney Wish bars and cafes, the restaurants (including Enchante), and the Disney Wish art.

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Disney "Wish" in gold letter mosaic in the floor.

Disney Wish Design Details in the Atrium (or “Grand Hall”)

One of the design “heroes” of Disney Cruise Line ships is their atriums. The chandelier in the center of the atrium is always a focus; it’s also the first area of the ship that guests experience as they board after check-in.

On Disney Wish, Cinderella is the theme of the “Grand Hall,” as it’s called on Wish instead of “atrium.” Renderings obviously show its splendor and glittering aspects. But here are some things you may not have known…

Disney Wish Grand Hall Ceiling

The chandelier was designed to be the shape of Cinderella’s ballgown…but upside down. It’s said that the animation of the Fairy Godmother turning Cinderella’s tattered clothes into a magnificent ballgown was Walt Disney’s favorite piece of Disney animation.

The Imagineers honored this in the chandelier’s design, including how the pixy dust swirled around her while her wish to go to the ball came true, which you see in the swirls of the chandelier. (Of course, this “Wish come true” as the center of the Grand Hall is not an accident!)

Around the chandelier are four stars. While at first, you may think it’s for the four directions of a compass, some more thought reveals what they truly represent: the four ships that came before Disney Wish: Disney Dream, Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, and Disney Fantasy.

There’s a fifth star hanging from the chandelier, which is for the Wish.

Ceiling of the Grand Hall. The Disney Wish details are apparent in the Cinderella-inspired chandelier, wishing stars and twinkling lights that span 3 decks.

Disney Wish Atrium Cinderella Sculpture

There is an icon in every atrium on every Disney Cruise Line ship. Naturally, it’s a popular picture spot, and we couldn’t resist a photo with Cinderella!

But did you know that there’s a little surprise behind the bronze statue of Cinderella? It’s LUCIFER! He is crouched behind Cinderella with his front paws holding up a cup. That’s because he’s trying to catch Gus and Jacques, who are peeking out from underneath the back of Cinderella’s gown.

Cinderella is bronze with a gold patina, standing at 5’10”. She weighs 650 pounds, while Lucifer weighs 100.

Additionally, look for Cinderella’s glass slipper in a glass case to the right of the bottom of the stairs if you’re looking at the grand staircase (photo is above).

Couple posing for a photo with the bronze Cinderella sculpture on Disney Wish cruise ship in the Grand Hall.

Disney Wish Atrium Kiss Goodnight

One of the most special experiences on the ship is the “Kiss Goodnight.”

This special “show” happens at midnight (though we’re convinced times vary slightly depending on the day because we saw it at 11:00 pm the first evening we were on the Wish).

The beautiful humming of the voice of Cinderella comes on the speakers in the Grand Hall, and you start to see the twinkling and sparkle of the fiberoptic lights throughout the atrium.

It’s really magical! We don’t want to ruin it for you, so we’ll keep the rest a secret! But if you are awake late at night, be sure you see this if you’re a Disney fan. It might even be worth staying up for. (It’s only a few minutes – you can go to bed after!)

Disney Wish Design Details in the Carpet

If you look at the carpet that leads to the Grand Hall on Deck 5, you’ll notice some hidden pictures! See if you can find Cinderella’s glass slipper, a pumpkin carriage, Blue Jays, and even Gus and Jacques, which are perhaps the hardest characters to find in the custom carpet.

Blue carpet with hidden blue jays, pumpkins and Cinderella mice on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Grand Hall Architectural Period Design Influences

If you’re into architectural styles, it’s fun to know that the Grand Hall design is inspired by three: Gothic, French Baroque, and Rococo.  

Hand Painted Elements in the Grand Hall

Large Rococo-style gold flourishes are handpainted in the Grand Hall. They are underneath the grand staircase and on a half-wall leading to the Grand Hall stage.

The Grand Hall is the First Disney Cruise Line Ship to Span Three Decks

If you sailed on other Disney Cruise Line ships, you’ll remember that the atrium only spans two decks (Decks 3 and 4). But on Disney Wish, it spans three: Decks 3, 4, and 5.

A Peek Into the Ship’s Design Elements in the Disney Wish Grand Hall Display Cases

It’s easy to miss unless you’re looking for them, but two glass-encased shelving units sit in the Grand Hall, close to the 1923 restaurant.

These displays show guests additional design elements of the ship, including storyboards and finishing choices. There are two entrances to 1923 restaurant: one on the left, the Roy Disney side, and one on the right, the Walt Disney side.

On the Roy Disney side, the glass cases show you design elements and planning info for the ship’s exterior before entering the restaurant. You can learn more about Rapunzel and Pascal on the ship’s stern and information about when the ship was being built in Germany at Meyer Werft.

You’ll find information about the ship’s interior on the Walt Disney side. This includes things like swatch boards for the carpet choices, sketches for the Grand Hall chandelier, and even concepts for Nightingdale’s piano bar on Deck 3, with its incredible handblown glass “bubble” chandelier.

Disney Wish Stern

The back of each Disney Cruise Line ship has a character specially chosen for that ship. Disney Dream has Sorcerer Mickey and the animated brooms from Fantasia. Disney Fantasy has Dumbo.

Rapunzel and her reptile friend, Pascal, are on the stern of the Wish. Her hair is playfully wrapped along the pegs on top of the “Disney Wish” words, holding her up as she paints the letters on the ship. Pascal holds her paint palette.

If you sit in a certain area of Arendelle toward the back windows, you can look down on her if the window shades are open.

Rapunzel is 8’11” tall, would wear a size 22 shoe, and her hair is 59’4″ long. Pascal may look small from far away, but he is shockingly 27.5″ tall, just over two feet.

Stern of Disney Wish cruise ship with Rapunzel painting the ship's letters.

It’s very easy to get lost on a cruise ship! We love when ship designers consider the massive size of the ship and guest navigation in design details.

We very much appreciated Disney Wish design details in this aspect of the ship, as we learned our way around this cruise ship for the first time.

Staircases and Elevators Are Themed Differently in the Forward and Aft

It may be surprising to learn that Disney Wish has only two sets of elevators and staircases. (The previous four Disney Cruise Line ships have three sets of stairs and elevators.)

The nice thing, however, is that they’re color-coded.

The forward stairs have a greenish-teal carpet. The theme here is “Enchanted Forest,” with woodland animals insignia on the carpet and inside the elevators.

The aft set of stairs and elevators has a blue carpet with Cinderella icons. This fairy tale theme shows iconography like a castle on the carpet. The elevator walls are decorated with wallpaper that has bluebirds and pumpkins on it.

Disney Wish Design Details In the Signage Next to Elevators

We loved two things about the signs next to the elevators on Disney Wish:

  1. Anything “located on this deck” is bolded.
  2. The bottom of each sign says where the nearest restrooms are.

Important Things To Be Aware of With Disney Wish Elevators

Disney Wish has 14 decks. However, some elevators travel between Decks 1 and 11, while another set goes from Decks 1 through 14. This is labeled on the outside of the elevator.

So if you want to go to Deck 13, don’t get into the elevator that only goes to Deck 11. If you do, you can take the elevator to Deck 11 and then walk up two decks to 13 if you’re mobile.

Another Disney Wish design detail that we did not like is the elevator buttons (and it seemed every other guest we ran into in the elevator didn’t like them either). They’re finicky.

They seemed to all press when you didn’t want them to, like if someone accidentally put their back to them on the elevators. Or they wouldn’t press when you wanted them to, like to simply call an elevator to go up or down a deck.

We hope they change them in the future. If you sail on Disney Wish multiple times and they improve them, please let us know!

Design Details in Disney Wish Pool Areas

Disney Imagineers made different design choices for the pools on the Wish than on previous ships. On the Wish, the main pool isn’t one big pool. Instead, there are six smaller pools for guests to enjoy. You can see them in the photo below if you look closely at the tiered levels behind all the lounge chairs.

Pool deck on Disney Wish cruises ship on a blue sky with white clouds day.

A small adult-only area pool gives the “illusion” of having an infinity edge. We didn’t think the effect worked so well because safety glass is on the other side of the pool, where you see the metal adjoining the glass panels. It ruins the effect. But we appreciated what they were going for.

It’s also important to note that the Disney Wish adults-only pool is much smaller than on other ships. They have added two areas of water benches on either side of the pool where you’re able to sit outside the water but have your feet in the water.

Disney Wish cruise ship's adult-only pool with a bench and shallow water.

Additionally, the adults-only Whirlpool is relatively far from the adults-only pool. We’re guessing they did this for spacial/planning reasons, though we’re not entirely sure.

We mention it so you’re not surprised and can’t find the Whirpool if you’re adults-only cruising with Disney.

Toy Story-Themed Splash Zone Area for Kids

If your little ones can’t swim or if you don’t feel comfortable with them going in pools with water of any depth, there’s a wonderfully themed splash zone for them on Disney Wish, like the splash zones on many other Disney Cruise Line ships.

It’s specifically designed for children ages six or younger. Parents are always in the Splash Zone supervising their young kids, of course. Kids can interact with Toy Story aliens that shoot water streams, Bo Peep’s sheep, and go down a country-themed slide a la Woody, to boot.

AquaMouse Water Ride

The AquaMouse is the long-awaited attraction at sea for Disney Cruise Line. It’s a fun waterslide.

If you happen to get to the attraction and the line is halfway down the stairs closest to the ride, expect to wait about an hour for a ride that lasts about 90 seconds. (The line can look deceivingly “short.”) The line is shortest at night.

When you get to the part of the AquaMouse queue where you can see the clothesline with nautical flags, you may wonder what the Imagineers spelled out in this fun Disney Wish design detail.

Well, you don’t have to wonder! The flags spell out “Mickey Mouse”! 

AquaMouse water ride with its clear tube on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Designs Details in the Cruise Ship Restaurants

There are so many design elements to love in Disney Wish restaurants. We haven’t mentioned every restaurant here because we’re unaware of all the design choices that the Imagineers made in each area of the ship. However, we know some key things that we’ll share with you that will make you appreciate each location more!

Enchante Adults-Only Restaurant

When you walk down the pretty hallway to Enchante, you’ll notice Lumiere swinging from the lights on the right side of the hallway. You’ll also notice the restaurant servers wearing a little Lumiere pin. Both are odes to Beauty and the Beast, which inspired the restaurant’s French menu and certain design elements.

By the way, if you don’t speak French, “Enchanté” means “Nice to meet you!”

Inside the restaurant are a collection of beautiful candelabras that you’ll see after you notice the gorgeous center chandelier. The stunning chandelier has 397 champagne “bubbles” in gold and amber.

Every seat in the restaurant faces the glass windows of the ship, ensuring everyone has a window view. It’s a great place to watch the sunset as you drink French wine and dine on fine cuisine at Enchanté, which we reviewed here.

Interior of Enchante restaurant on Disney Wish cruise ship, with blue carpet, white and gold details, and seats facing the cruise ship windows.

1923 Restaurant

1923 is significant because it is the year the company was founded. The restaurant is split into two sides that look nearly identical: the Roy Disney and Walt Disney sides. Needless to say, they are the brothers who founded the company.

The glass displays in the restaurant show animated tools, sketches, and such. The decor and design inspiration of the furniture, light fixtures, and plates are from the 1920s, when art deco was popular.

Inside 1923 restaurant on Disney Wish on Disney Cruise Line.

Arendelle Restaurant 

The Frozen-themed restaurant has a storyline surrounding Anna’s engagement to Kristoff. It’s a celebration with songs and dancing in the stage in the center of the restaurant.

The restaurant is broken into four sections in terms of design (though you’d never know it unless it was explained to you). The four flags are for General Mattias, Queen Ana, King Kristoff, and Elsa. Patterns on traditional Norwegian clothing inspired paintings on the backs of the chairs, ceiling, and doors.

Don’t miss the photo-worthy opportunity to take a photo between the busts of Queen Anna and Elsa in the entrance to the restaurant. It’s easiest to get the picture when people are dining, not when everyone enters the restaurant to be seated.

Woman in front of a wall with flags and busts of Anna and Elsa in Arendelle restaurant on Disney Cruise Line's ship, Wish.
Arendelle restaurant with dark wood details in a "Norwegian" inspired design on Disney Wish cruise ship.

Disney Wish Design Details in Its Bars and Cafes

Bars and cafes on Disney Wish are plentiful. It feels like there are more than on any other Disney cruise line ship, however, it may also feel like that because the ship’s plan is very different from the other ships in the fleet.

There are plenty of Disney Wish design details to love in all of these venues.

Disney Wish Cafes: The Enchanted Sword and Wishing Star Cafe

One of the coolest Disney Wish design details isn’t a part of the ship’s tangible elements. Rather, it’s art on cocktails and coffee drinks. We were shocked when we were served a cappuccino with a gorgeous design on the milk foam!

They have a coffee art machine that “stamps” graphics on the milk or on the foam in a cocktail (like the froth adding egg whites to a cocktail creates). The bartenders told us that there are over 100 designs they can choose from, including a “Disney Wish” graphic. You can request a design if you like as well.

The designs stores in the machines are updated when they are on solid wifi in ports, so it’s likely that the designs will evolve and refresh over time with some remaining staples.

Blue and white coffee cups with lattes and designs for "Wish" and Mickey Mouse in the milk foam on Disney Wish.

They can put these final-touch designs on cocktails too. We saw them on martinis some guests were drinking. We also saw Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Jiminy Cricket, and Pinocchio – the designs are endless!

The machines that create the designs are from a company called Ripples. If you’re curious (we were!), the machine starts at around $2,000 each. But you can get a similar one on Amazon for about $1,500 and really wow any friends who come to your house for coffee or a cocktail!

Enchanted Sword Cafe

This cafe is themed to Disney’s animated film from the 1960s, The Sword in the Stone. There are three swords in the design vicinity around the bar.

Here’s where you’ll find them:

  1. In the carpet that overlooks the Grand Hall on Deck 5.
  2. In the railing by the cafe seating.
  3. In the mirror above the coffee machine.

You’ll also find lyrics from the movie’s song, “That’s What Makes the World Go Round” written on the mirror to the bar’s left.

Enchanted Sword Cafe bar with blue and gold details on Disney Wish cruise ship.
Sword in the carpet detail on Disney Wish with blue and gold colors.

Wishing Star Cafe

This cafe is Pinocchio-themed. A tiny, true-to-size bronze statue of Jiminy Cricket sits on the left side of the bar. You can share a cup of coffee with him! (Not really…but he can certainly watch you drink one.)

We appreciated that the floral arrangement on the bar was blue, which reminded us of the Blue Fairy in the movie. We requested that our latte be stamped with Pinocchio to stay true to the bar theme!

Wishing Star Cafe with blue bar stools on Disney Wish.
Pinocchio detail and latte art next to blue hydrangea at Wishing Star Cafe on Disney Wish cruise ship.

Disney Wish Bars

Whether you’re heading to Hyperspace Lounge, The Bayou, Nightingale’s, Keg and Compass, or Currents, there are Disney Wish design details to enjoy. Here are a few that stood out to us.

The Bayou

We spent a lot of time in The Bayou during our three-night cruise because it’s where the wedding reception was for the Disney Wish wedding I was photographing onboard. It’s absolutely beautiful!

If you look at the mirrors behind the bar at The Bayou, you’ll see Tiana’s palace silhouetted on one of the mirrors.

In frog form, A statue of Prince Naveen is also in The Bayou in frog form, next to some of the lounge chairs on the level down from the bar. (The bar is slightly elevated in The Bayou.) He’s a cutie!

You can’t miss the gorgeous ceiling in The Bayou, adorned with flowers and foliage. Spanish Moss like this is abundant in the south from Louisiana to the Carolinas. Our best guess is that the white flowers are supposed to be magnolias, which is a popular flowering tree in the south, including New Orleans, where The Princess and the Frog takes place.

The Bayou on Disney Wish cruise ship with lounge seating and magnolias and Spanish moss on the ceiling.
Prince Naveen frog sculpture at The Bayou on Disney Wish cruise ship.

Keg and Compass

Keg and Compass is a ship and map room where nautical elements are found in every detail. The bar draws inspiration from the seafarers of Norway.

Here are five cool things to look for:

  • A quote from Epcot’s old attraction, “Maelstrom,” is on the wall in a small wooden plaque.
  • A lovely wooden octopus is curled around one of the porthole windows to the bar’s left. It has hidden gems, like a Dole Whip and Mickey pretzel, are carved in its tentacles.
  • Another port hole is surrounded by a wooden carving with two octopuses facing each other. They are holding a Mickey
  • Under the bar, facing the entrance, is a map case with several drawers labeled with the world’s oceans.
  • The ceiling is a maritime map of the world, or “Seafarer’s Map of the World.”

There are some additional Disney-specific design details to look for in the ceiling, including:

  • Ellie and Carl’s house from Up, above South America.
  • Glendale, California, where Imagineering is headquartered.
  • Papenburg, Germany, where Disney Cruise Line ships are built at Meyer Werft.
  • A nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Disney Wish cruise ship details: inside Keg and Compass bar with a map on the ceiling and dark wood finishes.
Disney Wish cruise ship details: inside Keg and Compass bar with a map drawer and dark wood finishes.


The inspiration for Nightingale’s was taken from Cinderella. Anyone who has seen this Disney animated classic could never forget the scene where Cinderella is scrubbing the floors and begins to beautifully hum, “Sing, sweet nightingale…”

You’ll find a pretty inlaid mosaic mat welcoming you to the bar at this adults-only piano bar. Above the piano is a breathtaking chandelier.

The hand-blown white glass bubbles symbolize the bubbles that float up from the soapy solution Cinderella used to clean the floors.

Surrounding the bubbles are music notes on musical lines. This is from the sheet music for the song, Sing Sweet Nightingale. Each music note has a sparkling hand-cut crystal in its center.

Grand piano under a "bubble" chandelier in Nightingale's on Disney Wish cruise ship.

The Rose

The gorgeous Beauty and The Beast-themed bar was one of our favorite quiet, calm, adults-only areas on Disney Wish. Details are a-plenty here.

As soon as you walk towards the bar, you know you’re in the right place, with the words “The Rose” on the black wall behind a small table. A glass-encased rose on the table with a hand mirror next to it.

Entrance to The Rose bar on Disney Wish, with a glass encased rose on a black table, with a mirror next to it.

After you enter the bar, look for the gold detailing above the windows, where you’ll see a rose in the center of each circle. This gold detail is in Enchanté restaurant as well.

There is a wall of floating red rose petals behind the bar, and the edges of a flower arrangement of real red roses are dipped in gold paint. The ceiling even has a rose pattern formed from meandering gold lines.

If it appeals to you, order Mrs. Tea. It’s a delicious cocktail with an impressive presentation, poured into a scalloped glass tea cup from a matching teapot.

The pieces are so gorgeous that we looked up the set online – we searched Amazon tea sets and couldn’t find anything similar. So we Googled it and found it!

Two sets of a teacup + saucer are €87,15. This doesn’t surprise us, knowing how delicate and lovely the Mrs. Tea “experience” was in person, including the drink, teacup, and teapot. The whole package was divine. Mrs. Pots and Chip would be proud.

Red rose petals "falling" against a black wall at The Rose bar on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Design Details at the Onboard Salon and Barbery

Two places to get pampered are onboard, aside from Senses Spa. They are Hook’s Barbery and Untangled Salon. Treatments include anything from a haircut to a shave to a manicure, pedicure, or an up-do for a special evening.

Untangled Salon is what you would consider more typically feminine in its design, based on the movie Tangled. Hook’s Barbery is based on Peter Pan, and is what you would consider more typically masculine in design. However, anyone – no matter the gender or label they identify with – is welcome in either location.

We saw women in the haircut chair in Hook’s Barbery for teeth whitening while we were on board and men getting manicures at Untangled. You do you!

Hook’s Barbery

Hook’s Barbery’s color palette is dark with dark finishes. The references to any Disney characters are subtle and subdued, but you’ll find a few design elements worth going on a little scavenger hunt to find for yourself.

Look for the following on the shelves inside the Barbery:

  • Captain Hook’s hook
  • Silver crocodile statue
  • Clocks
  • Map of Neverland (look on the doors that enclose the bar if you don’t see it – the bar is often open, which means you won’t see what’s on the outside doors)

Of course, crocodiles and clocks are two things that Hook hates most!

Untangled Salon

This salon is themed to Tangled, the famous Disney movie whose main character, Rapunzel, hangs from the stern of Disney Wish.

Inside the salon, you’ll want to look for some fun Disney Wish design details:

  • Lighting fixtures reminiscent of the floating lanterns from the famous floating lights scene in Tangled
  • The central chandelier is the shape of the Sundrop flower that gave Rapunzel her power
  • Flower chains for the curtain tiebacks

Disney Wish Design Details in Entertainment Venues

The Disney Wish entertainment venues that are spaces for theater, shows, games, movies and evening activities to unfold are worth some attention.


The two-deck entertainment theater, Luna, spans Decks 4 and 5. It is fairly plain overall, but the star-named theater does have a design detail in the ceiling.

It’s a location architecturally influenced by the Globe Theatre in England. However, the Globe Theatre doesn’t have a ceiling, and Luna does.

The Imagineers had a creative solution for this. They put an “evening sky” above and painted constellations in a night scene. You’ll find Mufasa, Wall-E’s EVE (or “Eva,” as Wall-E calls her), Peter Pan, Jiminy Cricket, and Tinkerbell within the swirls.

If you’re a fan of the Pixar short, La Luna, there is La Luna art in the forward staircase. (If memory serves us, it’s close to Luna between Decks 4 and 5.)

Ceiling of Luna with painted "constellations" and theatrical lighting on Disney Wish cruise ship.

Walt Disney Theater

The design of the main theater on Disney Wish is an enchanted forest. Its design has leaf patterns in the ceiling, walls, and doors, with dozens of gold flowers framing the entrance doors and the stage. Scenes from Fantasia inspired the design.

During shows, you’ll notice that the theater’s projection mapping extends beyond the main stage, seemingly taking over the space. This includes the Sands of Time scene during Aladdin and the sea taking over the theater during The Little Mermaid. 

When you enter the theater from Deck 5, you’ll see an exquisite design in the marble floor with Walt Disney’s initial and whimsical flowers.

"WD" in marble on the floor in the entryway to the Walt Disney Theater on Disney Wish cruise ship.

Disney Wish Movie Theaters: Wonderland Theater and Neverland Theater 

Walls have Cheshire Cat that disappears when the movie starts. The back of the seats are playing cards from the queen

Wonderland Theater is Alice in Wonderland themed. As you step into the hallway leading to the theater, you’ll see the quote, “What a peculiar place,” on the floor, part of what Alice said in the movie. (Her quote was, “What a peculiar place to have a party.”)

The walls in the hallway leading to the seats are fabric, with illustrations sewn into the panels. The Cheshire Cats near the queen, with glowing yellow eyes, disappear when the movie starts. You’ll notice the backs of the chairs are playing cards from the queen.

In Neverland Theater, you’ll see a map of Neverland (that’s sort of a mural too) on the back wall and the main characters of Peter Pan flying around, including Peter, John, and Wendy. They’re flying in a wood-cut mural on the wall and on the chair backs as well. Notice the start of the handrail in the theater: it’s a sword handle!

Disney Wish Horn Detail

The Disney Wish horn is visible from outside on the upper decks and has a fun first for DCL: the horns are within Mickey’s head! The horns play a variety of tunes, including “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” to “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me,” to “it’s a small world.”

Disney Wish horn in a Mickey head, with a blue sky and clouds.

Disney Wish Art Choices

As with all Disney Cruise Line ships, the art that adorns the walls was carefully selected for Disney Wish. Here, we mention a few pieces of art we learned about whose intention may not be so obvious until you dig deeper into each one of them.

Ship Cross-Section by The Bayou

There is a painting near the Bayou across from 3 Wishes store. It’s called “Inside the Disney Wish” and is a cross-section of the ship.

It’s definitely worth a closer look to see how the many venues – from Senses Spa to restaurants, theaters, and more – intertwine onboard. It also shows the crew areas of the ship, including their gym and laundry room.

Disney Wish details in the art, like this painting of a cross section of the cruise ship.

Painting Between Decks

There is a painting entitled, “Disney Wish joins the Disney Cruise Line Fleet” between Decks 3 and 4 forward, the staircase with teal carpet. The Disney Wish sails off to join the fleet, and you will notice the other four Disney Cruise Line ships in the distance. 

Nikkolas Smith, former Imagineer, and full-time illustrator and speaker, created the painting between Decks 3 and 4 in the aft staircase. “Cindys” shows women from different walks of life and cultures uplifting each other to live out their happily ever after on the other side of the wall they’re climbing over…together.

Painting between decks in a staircase on Disney Wish, by Nikkolas Smith, called, "Cindys."

Mosaics on Disney Wish

There are several mosaics around the ship.

One is a mosaic of Cinderella and the Prince dancing with a banner that says, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” on the top left-hand corner.

Two smaller mosaics are of scenes from Pinnochio right by Wishing Star Cafe.

Lastly is the mosaic in the floor by The Bayou that says, “Wish” in gold tiles.

Cinderella mosaic, a colorful design detail on Disney Wish cruise ship.
Mosaic of a scene from Pinocchio on Disney Wish.

Disney Tapestries on Disney Wish

Another fun element on this ship is the tapestries onboard.

There is one of Cinderella cleaning the floor from the animated movie in a staircase between Decks 3 and 4. There’s one on Deck 5 as well. It is Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia, Cinderella’s infamous stepmother and step-sisters. We loved the gold thread border that frames that one!

Additional Art on Disney Wish

There’s a huge Mickey and the Beanstalk-themed piece of artwork with moving parts on the ship. It’s floor-to-ceiling and has several layers to it, almost like the painted glass panes with which they originally created animated films.

Mickey and the Beanstalk is a Disney animated film from the 1920s, yet they have modernized it a bit in the artwork. For example, if you wait long enough, you’ll see a Disney Cruise Line ship (assumably Wish) slowly move across the art in the distance.

Around the corner from Bibbity Boppity Boutique on Disney Wish, just before you reach Hook’s Barbery, are amazing framed photography prints. The photos were created by CreativeSoul Photography as they reinvented the image of Disney Princesses to be inclusive so people of all colors can see themselves as Disney royalty.

They’re truly striking and were so well orchestrated!

Photos of the framed studio artwork from CreativeSoul Photography on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Design Details: The Onboard Walking Tour

If you love learning about design elements like this, be sure to sign up for the free guided Wish tour called “Walking the Wish.” You can do so from your Disney Cruise Line Navigator app when you’re on the ship.

Several tours are usually available, and there is a maximum of 60 guests per tour.

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Disney Gear!

Whether you grab your nautical Mickey Mouse and Disney-inspired attire, toiletry cases, bags, and tags from Amazon or from ShopDisney, maximize your options for your Wish vacation. There are shops onboard, but we found that online options are far more plentiful.

Check out our specially curated Disney Cruise Line shopping list on Amazon. There are a lot of items on this list you cannot get in Disney Cruise Line shops.

Besides, you can always buy Disney things in advance and buy Wish-themed items on the ship. The more the merrier!

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Disney Wish Design Conclusion

Whether you love Disney Cruise Line for its ports, food, or connection to the classic characters, you’ll surely find Disney Wish design details to love on the fifth ship to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Look to its Grand Hall, restaurant elements, hidden references to Disney music, and more in every nook and cranny of the ship.

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